Of course! All of our pies are hand built for you. So if you want a certain topping changed up please let us know and we will happily do it for you.

Our Killer King Dragon pies are Chicago Deep Dish pizzas. For those of you unfamiliar with Chicago Style pizza it's like apple pie but instead of apples it's filled with pizza stuff. If all you've ever experienced is traditional thin crust pizza it's sort of like the difference between cookies and pie. It's easy to eat six cookies, not so easy to eat six slices of pie.



If this is a 'lactose/allergy' thing you have our sincerest condolences. 
If this is a 'I don't like cheese' thing, I'm sorry but I don't think we can be friends.

All Killer Kings come with extra cheese. We have carefully balanced out the cheese to work with our meats and vegetables to give you the best pie possible. If we were to build a meat pie with no cheese we would get a dried out meat pie. If we were to build a vegetable pie with no cheese we would end up with vegetable soup in a bowl of raw dough. The cheese is the cushion that cradles the toppings and helps protect the dough. If you really need a pie with no cheese we can happily build you a thin crust pie. As far as the Killer King goes though, dig in and enjoy the goo!

We find  a sword, cleaver or chainsaw works best. If you're really skilled you can use a whip like Indiana Jones. Just kidding!

When you get home with your Killer King just slide it out onto a cutting board, get a big, big, knife and carve it up.
Lean in, have a lot of serviettes, where clothes you don't care about and enjoy!

Traditional thin crust pies are best reheated in a frying pan with a lid on a medium-low heat. That way the bottom gets crispy while the top gets gooey.

Killer King pies are a lot deeper and take more time to let the heat penetrate. For this reason we suggest heating your oven to about 325° F  and placing your pie dead center on a cookie sheet, cast iron pan or baking stone. If your pie is at room temperature it probably will heat back up in 10-12 minutes. If your pie is cold from the fridge it will probably take 15-20 and a sheet of parchment or aluminum foil on the top will help protect your pie during this time. As everyone's oven temperatures can vary these times are approximate.

With our Killer King deep dish pies we try to keep the toppings to a maximum of four. Sometimes we can fit in five. Very rarely six. The reason is that in a Killer King you get a lot more than a Traditional thin crust. It's sometimes physically impossible to fit in more that four toppings and still get the pie to fit in the oven and cook!

With our traditional thin crusts the maximum amount of toppings we ever see is six or seven. Otherwise they get too difficult to cook as well.

We also like to keep in mind that the more vegetables you have the wetter your pizza will be. Vegetables by nature contain more moisture than meat and when we cook them they release even more.

Have you ever cut fresh hot apple pie? All the apples start sliding everywhere. Well, because there's so much stuff in our Killer Kings the same thing happens. It's great when you eat here because you can dig into all that gooeyness but gooeyness in your box as you drive home isn't the best thing. 

Our Killer Kings are like a pie so half and half just doesn't work. It would be like making a half pumpkin pie and half apple in the same shell. Once everything gets hot it just all slides around everywhere.

With our traditional thin crust pies we will do half of one topping only. Any more than that and the pizza won't cook evenly. If you want several different toppings on each side the pie becomes too difficult to build and we suggest two separate pies instead.

Good question. How many people are eating? Are they big eaters or light eaters? Men, women or children?

The killer kings are more filling than the thin crust.

The baby killer king is a solid meal for one, a light meal for two. The large feeds two to three people. The jumbo feeds four to six people.

A small thin crust is good for one adult or two little kids. A large thin crust should be good for two, maybe three people and the jumbo thin should feed four, maybe six people.

As a general rule we say count on $10-$15 per person and you should have enough food for everyone.

Not enough! We have a granite counter with six bar stools and five bistro sets in the summer (three in the winter) along with a few extra chairs. This equates to seating for about twenty people inside and outside. Fortunately the bistros are square and can easily be put together for larger groups and moved around to make everyone comfortable but we really do need more seating.

Unfortunately we cannot reserve seating. We don't have a wait staff and there is a constant flow of people arriving, eating, and leaving making it impossible.

Yes! We barbecue and hand slice Halal steak, cook our own Halal ground beef, and barbecue our grain fed, hormone free Halal chicken, which is also hand sliced. We also offer Halal beef pepperoni. ** Please make sure to request Halal meat when you order as we also do carry non-Halal meat in store.


Usually traditional Thin Crusts take 20 minutes and Killer Kings (Chicago deep dish) take 30 minutes. There are times when it takes longer such as when we are jammed with orders and there physically is no more room in the ovens to cook the pies. It's sort of like when you're baking cookies. You have all of your dough ready but you can only cook two trays at a time and the rest of your dough has to wait for its turn, except on a much bigger scale.

We make our own dough in the store so there's always gluten in our air, which isn't good for those of you with celiac. If you are not celiac but sensitive to gluten we tried ordering in some gluten free dough for you. I know our supplier distributes it all over but we really didn't like it and could not put our name on it. One word best describes it: frisbee.

Dragon Drizzles are different sauces in different flavours that we make in house and drizzle on top of your pizza free of charge. Kind of like the way ice cream can have chocolate, or strawberry, or caramel sauce. It's a way of enhancing your pie eating experience by kicking the flavour up another notch and depending on which Dragon Drizzle (sauce) you choose your experience is different. 

No I'm sorry we don't deliver.

We are a tiny little shop of only about 900 square feet. Our dough is made old school Italian style with no chemicals, preservatives, or additives and needs 12 hours to proof. We load our fridges with as much as we can and once it's sold, it's gone, until we open our doors again.

We believe in making the best possible pie for you, custom built for you by hand, with the very best ingredients we can. This commitment to quality extends to enjoying your pie when it is at its peak of freshness from the oven. To serve you anything that's been lingering around for an unknown time would be disrespectful to you and your pie.

Keep it level!

If you put as freshly baked apple pie on the seat of your car everything would start sliding around. Melted, gooey steaming cheese and toppings do the same thing. For this reason we suggest the floor of your car where it can easily stay flat.